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This page brings together links to speakers' slides, video-recordings, etc. from various SGAI events from this website and our other site

SGAI Events 2023

The Group’s events in 2023 will include the following. Further details will be placed here as they become available.

Date to be determined in May 2023, from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. - a free virtual event using Zoom

UK KDD 2023

A free evening event on Knowledge Discovery in Databases.


29th September 2023 - British Computer Society London Office

Real AI 2023

Designed to showcase practical applications of artificial intelligence, of particular interest to business and industry.

Fees: £90 (plus VAT) for BCS and SGAI members and £110 (plus VAT) for others, including lunch and refreshments. A special fee of £50 + VAT is available for students.

11th December 2023 - Peterhouse College, Cambridge


A one-day training event for AI research students at Peterhouse College, Cambridge, the day before AI-2023 starts. This is a free event except for a contribution towards the cost of refreshments and lunch in the College.

12th-14th December 2023 - Peterhouse College, Cambridge


Our forty-third annual international conference.

Website: AI-2023

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