Keynote Speakers

(Single Stream)
ES81 ???
ES82 ???
ES83 ???
ES84 ???
ES85 Austin Tate (University of Edinburgh), Abe Mamdani (Queen Mary College, London)
ES86 Brian Gaines (University of Calgary, Canada), Luc Steels (Vrije Universiteit, Brussels) and Tom Stonier (University of Bradford)
ES87 Alan Bundy (University of Edinburgh), Richard Young (University of Cambridge) and Robin Muir (Rolls Royce Ltd.)
ES88 Derek Partridge (University of Exeter)
ES89 Bob Wielinga and Guus Schreiber (University of Amsterdam)
ES90 Donald Michie (The Turing Institute)
ES91 (No keynote speaker)
ES92 Opening: Malik Ghallab (CNRS, France)
Closing: Maurice Wilkes (Olivetti Research, Cambridge UK)
Opening: Chas Church (Hitachi Europe Ltd.)
Closing: Tom Addis (University of Reading)
Technical Stream
Applications Stream
ES94 Derek Sleeman (University of Aberdeen) Peter Cochrane and Robin Smith (BT Laboratories)
ES95 E.H.Mamdani (Imperial College, London) Mark Fox (University of Toronto)
ES96 Lotfi Zadeh (University of California, USA) Mari Georges (ILOG, France)
ES97 David Aha (Navy Center for Applied Research in Artficial Intelligence, USA) Patrick Corsi (European Commission)
ES98 David Goldberg (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA) Robert Taylor (KPMG Management Consulting)
ES99 Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield) Chris Winter (Cyberlife Technology Ltd., UK)
ES2000 Austin Tate (University of Edinburgh) Daniel Clancy (NASA Ames Research Centre, USA)
ES2001 Derek Sleeman (University of Aberdeen) Rudolph Burger (Media Lab Europe)
ES2002 John Daugman (University of Cambridge) Lionel Tarassenko (University of Oxford)
AI-2003 Frank van Harmelen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Roberto Desimone (QinetiQ)
AI-2004 Noel Sharkey (University of Sheffield) Peter Astheimer (University of Abertay, Dundee)
AI-2005 Nik Kasabov (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand) Tom van Engers (University of Amsterdam)
AI-2006 Max Bramer (University of Portsmouth, UK) Graham Buckberry (Siemens Communications)
AI-2007 Barry Smyth (University College Dublin) Alex Whittaker (Beautiful Game Studios (Eidos))
AI-2008 John Debenham (University of Technology, Sydney) Graham Ball (Nottingham Trent University)
AI-2009 Professor Chris Bishop (Microsoft Research) Colin Cadas and Badr Haque (Rolls-Royce)
AI-2010 Professor Alan Bundy (University of Edinburgh) Professor Susan Craw (University of Aberdeen)
AI-2011 Dr. Blay Whitby (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) Professor Peter Cowling (University of Bradford)
AI-2012 Professor Margaret Boden (University of Sussex) Professor Miltos Petridis (University of Brighton)
AI-2013 Professor Murray Shanahan (Imperial College, London) Professor Bob John (University of Nottingham)
AI-2014 Professor Kevin Warwick (University of Coventry) Dr. Peter Rausch (Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Georg Simon Ohm, Germany)
AI-2015 Professor Lars Nolle (JADE University of Applied Sciences, Germany) Prof. Steffen Staab (University of Southampton)
AI-2016 Michael Gleaves (Hartree Centre, Science and Technology Facilities Council) Ralph Traphöner (Empolis Information Management GmbH, Germany)
AI-2017 Detlef Nauck (BT) Frans Coenen (University of Liverpool)
AI-2018 Michael Wooldridge (University of Oxford) James Luke (IBM)
AI-2019 Marc Cavazza (University of Greenwich) James Chappell (Digital Shadows)
AI-2020 Giuseppe Di Fatta (University of Reading) Simon Lucas (Queen Mary, University of London)
AI-2021 Edward Keedwell (University of Exeter) Oliver Zielinski (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
AI-2022 Michael Fisher (University of Manchester) Emine Yilmaz (UCL)

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