Most Recently Uploaded AI News Stories

AI’s craving for data is matched only by a runaway thirst for water and energy   [uploaded 04/03/2024]
Elon Musk sues OpenAI accusing it of putting profit before humanity   [uploaded 01/03/2024]
Google chief admits ‘biased’ AI tool’s photo diversity offended users   [uploaded 01/03/2024]
The voice in the machine: how AI vocal analysis could improve our health   [uploaded 10/02/2024]
Researchers use AI to read word on ancient scroll burned by Vesuvius   [uploaded 10/02/2024]
AI safeguards can easily be broken, UK Safety Institute finds   [uploaded 10/02/2024]
The AI tools that might stop you getting hired   [uploaded 04/02/2024]
No Free Money Theorem for Machine Learning Application in Stock Market Prediction   [uploaded 03/01/2024]
AI firms must be held responsible for harm they cause, ‘godfathers’ of technology say   [uploaded 24/10/2023]
UK officials use AI to decide on issues from benefits to marriage licences   [uploaded 23/10/2023]
Incredibly smart or incredibly stupid? What we learned from using ChatGPT for a year   [uploaded 21/10/2023]
AI chatbots could help plan bioweapon attacks, report finds   [uploaded 21/10/2023]
AI-powered drone beats human champion pilots   [uploaded 01/09/2023]
AI use in breast cancer screening as good as two radiologists, study finds   [uploaded 03/08/2023]
TechScape: Can the EU bring law and order to AI?   [uploaded 27/06/2023]
Technology (AI) for human   [uploaded 13/06/2023]
US colonel retracts comments on simulated drone attack ‘thought experiment’   [uploaded 03/06/2023]
The future of AI is chilling – humans have to act together to overcome this threat to civilisation   [uploaded 26/05/2023]
Rishi Sunak races to tighten rules for AI amid fears of existential risk   [uploaded 26/05/2023]
Ministers not doing enough to control AI, says UK professor   [uploaded 14/05/2023]
‘Why would we employ people?’ Experts on five ways AI will change work   [uploaded 13/05/2023]
MEPs to vote on proposed ban on ‘Big Brother’ AI facial recognition on streets   [uploaded 10/05/2023]
Google launches new AI PaLM 2 in attempt to regain leadership of the pack   [uploaded 10/05/2023]
AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are   [uploaded 08/05/2023]
‘A race it might be impossible to stop’: how worried should we be about AI?   [uploaded 07/05/2023]
Man v machine: everything you need to know about AI   [uploaded 06/05/2023]
UK and US intervene amid AI industry’s rapid advances   [uploaded 04/05/2023]
If bosses fail to check AI’s onward march, their own jobs will soon be written out of the script   [uploaded 04/05/2023]
ChatGPT robot dogs can now ‘talk’ thanks to AI   [uploaded 03/05/2023]
AI makes non-invasive mind-reading possible by turning thoughts into text   [uploaded 03/05/2023]
‘Godfather of AI’ quits Google and gives warning about the future of technology   [uploaded 02/05/2023]
Amnesty International criticised for using AI-generated images   [uploaded 02/05/2023]
Chatbot ‘journalists’ found running almost 50 AI-generated content farms   [uploaded 02/05/2023]
‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton quits Google and warns over dangers of machine learning   [uploaded 02/05/2023]
New artificial intelligence tool can accurately identify cancer   [uploaded 30/04/2023]
AI has better ‘bedside manner’ than some doctors, study finds   [uploaded 29/04/2023]
From pope’s jacket to napalm recipes: how worrying is AI’s rapid growth?   [uploaded 24/04/2023]
Artificial intelligence – coming to a government near you soon?   [uploaded 22/04/2023]
Fresh concerns raised over sources of training material for AI systems   [uploaded 22/04/2023]
Schumacher family planning legal action over AI ‘interview’ with F1 great   [uploaded 20/04/2023]
Calls for stricter UK oversight of workplace AI amid fears for staff rights   [uploaded 18/04/2023]
Photographer admits prize-winning image was AI-generated   [uploaded 18/04/2023]
‘I didn’t give permission’: Do AI’s backers care about data law breaches?   [uploaded 11/04/2023]
Sparks of Artificial General Intelligence: Early experiments with GPT-4   [uploaded 11/04/2023]
ChatGPT is making up fake Guardian articles. Here’s how we’re responding   [uploaded 08/04/2023]
AI chatbots making it harder to spot phishing emails, say experts   [uploaded 30/03/2023]
Halt development of new AI to protect humanity: Chilling call by Elon Musk and tech titans   [uploaded 30/03/2023]
AI expert Meredith Broussard: ‘Racism, sexism and ableism are systemic problems’   [uploaded 28/03/2023]
ChatGPT-style tech brought to Microsoft 365   [uploaded 19/03/2023]
UK to invest £900m in supercomputer in bid to build own ‘BritGPT’   [uploaded 16/03/2023]