FAIRSí14 - Forum for AI Research Students

Friday 12th December 2014



AI-2014 is the latest in the leading series of UK-based international conferences on Artificial Intelligence run by the BCS Specialist Group on AI. In 2007 we introduced for the first time, a Forum for AI Research Students to support student members of the AI community. We repeated the event at our annual AI-20xx conferences, and SGAI is again offering this event at AI-2014.

FAIRSí14 offers a full day of workshops and presentations.The event is free for student attendees, except for a contribution of £15 + VAT to include lunch and all refreshments during the day. (No registration for the AI-2014 conference is required.)

 The event includes:

  • Guidance on conducting research and writing the thesis
  • Advice on undergoing a viva
  • Advice and discussion on careers after a PhD
  • The chance to meet other research students and develop networks
  • An opportunity to discuss  work with senior researchers and practitioners

This year we will also be holding the elections for a new student representative to the SGAI committee.

Please contact Giovanna Martinez with any questions you may have. 

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