During the after-dinner talk at one of our earlier conferences, Rick Magaldi from British Airways discussed the progress of Machine Intelligence in terms of the progress of human flight. Flight has been mastered in a way not yet paralleled by the emergence of machine intelligence. At one point Rick discussed one of the significant developments in the desire to fly as being when learned people started to confidently but usually disastrously, throw themselves off buildings. The consensus at the conference was that within AI, we have not really got to the stage where we are throwing ourselves off buildings. This is about to change. SGAI has decided to give people an opportunity to hurl themselves into the void, risking public ridicule and career stagnation to show what they have really achieved in the development of Machine Intelligence. This competition will put on show real systems working in real time. It is hoped that the competition and the competitors, over several years, will provide a new interest and visible improvements in the development of machine intelligence.

The competition will rely on people being open about developments, no matter how small these may appear. It will also serve as an opportunity to see what others can achieve and could prove a valuable source of ideas.