BCS Machine Intelligence Competition

CONGRATULATIONS to Wish Wang of the Taipei American School for winning the 2018 BCS prize for Progress Towards Machine Intelligence with his entry 'Rock, Paper and Scissors Using Machine Learning'. The system learns a player's behaviour during the classic game by constructing a neural network, thus enabling it after a training period to win most of the following rounds of the game. Competitors  Photographs

The fourteenth BCS Machine Intelligence competition for live demonstrations of applications that show 'progress towards machine intelligence' will be held on Friday October 4th 2019 at the BCS London Office, 25 Copthall Avenue, Ground Floor, London EC2R 7DN. Please note the new location of the BCS London office. Nearest underground stations: Moorgate and Liverpool Street. https://www.25copthall.com/location/

The winner will receive a cash prize of £500 plus a trophy.

The competition is organised by the British Computer Society Specialist Group on Artificial Intelligence (SGAI) and this time will form part of the Group's one-day event Real AI 2019.

The prize will be awarded on the basis of a 10-15 minute live demonstration (not a paper, not a technical description). The demonstration can be of either software (e.g. a question-answering system or a speech recognition system) or hardware (e.g. a mobile robot).

Full details of the competition appear on the Information Page.

Attendance and Fees

Attendance at the event is included in the registration fee for Real AI 2019. Real AI 2019 registration information will be placed here as soon as it becomes available.

All those attending will be eligible to vote for the winning entry.

Information for Competitors

You can enter using the online form. There is no entry fee but competitors will be asked to meet their own costs. The closing date is SUNDAY JUNE 30th 2019. However early entry is strongly advised.