Competition write-ups

Year Details Entries
2016     enguage - The Language Engine Martin Wheatman
2013-2015     (No competition) (No competition)


Summary of Finalists
Photographs from the competition
Pre-competition photographs

RAGA: the Rapidly Adapting Game Agent

Simon Lucas and Diego Perez (University of Essex)

2011     (No competition) (No competition)
2010   Entries Cleverbot, taking part in a Turing Test Rollo Carpenter
2009 Details Entries Fly by Ear Benjamin N. Passow and Mario A. Gongora
(De Montfort University)
2008 Details Entries Pro Evolutionary Soccer Martin Rhodes and Simon Coupland
(De Montfort University)
2007 Details Entries The Painting Fool Simon Colton, Maja Pantic and Michel Valstar
(Imperial College, London)
2006 Details Entries Adam, the robot scientist Emma Byrne and Ken Whelan
(University of Wales, Aberystwyth)
2005 Details Entries IFOMIND David Bell, Marcel Ono, QingXiang Wu
(Queen's University, Belfast)
2004 Details Entries CogVis Demo Chris Needham and Derek Magee
(The University of Leeds)
2003 Details   MIRA Cornelius Weber
(University of Sunderland)
2002 Details     Lars Nolle
(Nottingham Trent University)