Knowledge Based Systems Journal: Special Issue

AI-2006, Cambridge, England, 11th-13th December 2006 Volume 20, March 2007


M A Bramer, University of Portsmouth, UK

Technical Stream

Best Refereed Technical Paper (sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Ltd.)
Verification of Medical Guidelines using Task Execution with Background Knowledge
Hommersom, Arjen, Groot, Perry and Lucas, Peter (University of Nijmegen, NL), Balser, Michael and Schmitt, Jonathan (University of Augsburg, DE)

A Decision Tree-Based Attribute Weighting Filter for Naive Bayes
Hall, M. A. (University of Waikato, NZ)

Initialization method for grammar-guided genetic programming
Garcia-Arnau, Marc, Manrique, Daniel, Rios, Juan and Rodriguez-Paton, Alfonso (U. Politecnica Madrid, Spain)

On-Line Monitoring of Plan Execution: a Distributed Approach
Micalizio, Roberto, Torasso, Pietro (Universita' di Torino, Italy)

A Reusable Commitment Management Service using Semantic Web Technology
Preece, Alun D, Chalmers, Stuart and McKenzie, Craig (University of Aberdeen, UK)

Using AI and Semantic Web Technologies to attack Process Complexity in Open Systems
Thompson, Simon G, Giles, Nick, Gharib,Hamid, Li, Yang and Nguyen, Thuc D

Application Stream

Best Refereed Application Paper
Managing restaurant tables using constraints
Vidotto, Alfio and Brown, Kenneth N (University College Cork, Ireland) and Beck, J Christopher (University of Toronto, Canada)

Use of Data Mining Techniques to Model Crime Scene Investigator Performance
Adderley, Richard (A E Solutions (BI), UK), Bond, John (Northamptonshire Police, UK), Townsley, Michael (University College London, UK)

Bringing Chatbots into Education: Towards Natural Language Negotiation of Open Learner Models Kerly, Alice L (University of Birmingham), Hall, Phil D (Elzware Limited), Bull, Susan (University of Birmingham)

Domain Dependent Distributed Models for Railway Scheduling
Salido, Miguel A., Abril, Montserrat, Barber, Federico, Ingolotti, Laura, Tormos, Pilar and Lova, Antonio (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain)

Automatic Species Identification of Live Moths: A Case Study in Practical Data Mining
Mayo, Michael (University of Waikato, New Zealand) and Watson, Anna T.

Sass Applied To Optimum Work Roll Profile Selection In The Hot Rolling Of Wide Steel
Nolle, Lars (Nottingham Trent Uni, UK)