Knowledge Based Systems Journal: Special Issue

AI-2010, Cambridge, England, 14th-16th December 2010.

Expanded versions published in Volume 29, May 2012.


M A Bramer, University of Portsmouth, UK

Technical Stream

Best Refereed Technical Paper
Mining the Real-Time Web: A Novel Approach to Product Recommendation
S.Garcia Esparza and M.P.O'Mahony and B.Smyth (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Jmax-pruning: A Facility for the Information Theoretic Pruning of Modular Classification Rules
F. Stahl and M. Bramer (University of Portsmouth, UK)

Evaluation of Analogies through Kolmogorov Complexity
M. Bayoud (IRIT-Toulouse, France) H. Prade (IRIT-Toulouse, France) G. Richard (BITE-London, UK)

Graphical Norms via Conceptual Graphs
Madalina Croitoru (LIRMM, University Montpellier II, France), Nir Oren, Simon Miles and Michael Luck (King’s College London, UK)

Neural Network Demand Models and Evolutionary Optimisers for Dynamic Pricing
S. Shakya , M. Kern , G. Owusu and C. M. Chin (BT Innovate and Design, Ipswich, UK)

µ-SATPLAN: Multi-Agent Planning as Satisfiability
Yannis Dimopoulos (University of Cyprus) Muhammad Adnan Hashmi (University Paris 6) Pavlos Moraitis (University Paris 5)

Application Stream

Best Refereed Application Paper
A Decision Support System for Managing Combinatorial Problems in Container Terminals
Miguel A. Salido, Mario Rodriguez-Mollins, Federico Barber (Institute of Control Systems and Industrial Computing Technical Univ. of Valencia Spain)

Self-Adaptive Stepsize Search For Automatic Optimal Design
L. Nolle and J.A. Bland (Nottingham Trent University, UK)

Classification of Retinal Images Using Spatial-Histograms and Case Based Reasoning
M.H.A.Hijazi, F.Coenen (Department of Computer Science, The University of Liverpool, UK) and Y.Zheng (Ophthalmology Research Unit, School of Clinical Sciences, The University of Liverpool, UK)

The GhostWriter-2.0 Case-Based Reasoning System for Making Content Suggestions to the Authors of Product Reviews
Derek Bridge (University College Cork, Ireland) and Paul Healy (University College Cork, Ireland)

Finding “Interesting” Trends in Social Networks Using Frequent Pattern Mining and Self Organizing Maps
Puteri N. E. Nohuddin and Frans Coenen (University of Liverpool, UK), Rob Christley and Christian Setzkorn (University of Liverpool and National Centre for Zoonosis Research, UK), Yogesh Patel and Shane Williams (Deeside Insurance Ltd, UK)