Knowledge Based Systems Journal: Special Issue

ES2002, Cambridge, England, 10th-12th December 2002 Volume 16, Summer 2003


M A Bramer, University of Portsmouth, UK

Technical Stream

Best Refereed Technical Paper (sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Ltd.)
Covering the Path Space: A Casebase Analysis for Mobile Robot Path Planning
M Kruusmaa (Tallinn Technical University, Estonia) and J Willemson (Tartu University, Estonia)

A Rough Set Model with Ontological Information for Discovering Maximal Association Rules in Document Collections
Yaxin Bi, Terry Anderson and Sally McClean (University of Ulster)

Facilitating DL-Based Hybrid Reasoning with Inference Fusion
Bo Hu, Inés Arana (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) and Ernesto Compatangelo (University of Aberdeen)

Genetic Algorithm Hybridized with Ruin and Recreate Procedure: Application to the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Alfonsas Misevicius (Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania)

Personalized Information Ordering: A Case Study in Online Recruitment
Keith Bradley and Barry Smyth (University College Dublin)

A Polynomial Algorithm for Continuous Non-binary Disjunctive CSPs
Miguel Salido and Federico Barber (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain).

Application Stream

Best Refereed Application Paper (sponsored by InferMed Ltd.)
Knowledge-based Systems for Marking Professional IT Skills Examinations
Stewart Long and Roy Dowsing (University of East Anglia) and Patrick Craven (OCR Examinations)

A Knowledge Based Genetic Algorithm Approach to Automating Cartographic Generalisation
J M Ware, Ian Wilson and J A Ware (University of Glamorgan)

GA-based Heuristic Algorithms for Bandwidth-delay-constrained Least-cost Multicast Routing
A T Haghighat (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran), K Faez, A Mowlaei and Y Ghahremani (Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran) and M Dehghan (Iran Telecommunications Research Center)

Extracting Relational Facts for Indexing and Retrieval of Crime-Scene Photographs
Katerina Pastra, Horacio Saggion and Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield)

CBR Based System for Forecasting Red Tides
Florentino Fdez-Riverola (University of Vigo, Spain) and Juan Corchado (University of Salamanca, Spain)

Intelligent Data Analysis for Conservation: Experiments with Rhino Horn Fingerprint Identification
Rajan Amin (Zoological Society of London), Max Bramer (University of Portsmouth) and Richard Emslie (African Rhino Specialist Group, South Africa)