Slides and videos from SGAI Events

This page brings together links to speakers' slides, video-recordings, etc. from various SGAI events from this website and our other site
BCS SGAI YouTube Playlist (on BCS Channel)

AI-2020 technical keynote lecture (video) Prof. Giuseppe Di Fatta Multi-Task Deep Learning
AI-2020 application keynote lecture (video) Prof. Simon Lucas General Game AI with Statistical Forward Planning Algorithms
AI-2020 panel session (video) Chair: Andrew Lea How can we avoid the risks of unreliable, manipulated, or unconstrained AI or pseudo-AI and ensure the world gets the benefits AI can deliver?
AI-2020 technical keynote lecture (slides) Prof. Giuseppe Di Fatta Multi-Task Deep Learning
AI-2020 workshop Chairs: Prof Nirmalie Wiratunga, Prof. Frans Coenen, University of Liverpool and Dr Vitaly Kurlin AI for Future Digital Health
AI-2020 workshop Chair: Mathias Kern, BT Technology The Relationship of Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research
AI-2020 workshop Chairs: Dr Alexander Gegov, Dr Raheleh Jafari and Dr Sina Razvarz Recent Advances in AI - Theory and Applications
AI-2019 panel session report Prof. Adrian Hopgood and Andrew Lea Panel session: How should developments in AI be regulated over the next 25 years?
AI-2019 workshop Chairs: Prof. Nirmalie Wiratunga and Prof. Frans Coenen AI for Future Digital Health
AI-2019 workshop Chair: Professor Adrian Hopgood Beginners' guide to AI
AI-2019 workshop Chair: Dr Detlef Nauck Explainable AI
AI-2018 panel session report Prof. Adrian Hopgood Panel Session: Can Artificial Intelligence Systems be Trusted?12 December 2018
Real AI 2015 talk Prof. dr. Frances Brazier Designing large scale distributed participatory systems
Real AI 2015 talk Prof. dr. Peter Rausch Improving the efficiency of the construction industry by means of innovative GNSS-based AI approaches
Real AI 2015 talk Doug Carson and Dr. Jerry Swan Ants, Mutants and beyond: combining formal and stochastic techniques to improve software
UK KDD 2017 talk Detlef Nauck Best Practice Analytics
UK KDD 2017 talk Mohamed Gaber Adventures in Random Forests: Techniques for Engineering Accurate Ensembles
UK KDD 2017 talk Frederic Stahl Real-Time Fast Predictive Rule Induction Directly from Continuous Streaming Data
UK KDD 2017 talk Gavin Meggs Maximizing the Business Impact of Discovered Knowledge
UK KDD 2017 video of event (Video) Organising Committee: Dr. Frederic Stahl, Prof. Max Bramer and Prof. Miltos Petridis UK KDD2017 video
UK KDD 2016 talk Giuseppe Di Fatta Data-driven Knowledge Discovery of Atypical Brain States
UK KDD 2016 talk Owen Lloyd Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: Government funding for your next collaboration
UK KDD 2014 talk Dr. Rick Adderley Using Entity Resolution to Enhance Criminal Network Disruption by Targeting Appropriate Offenders
UK KDD 2014 talk Prof. Frans Coenen The Practical Application of Knowledge Discovery to Image Data: A Practitioners View in The Context of Medical Image Mining